I have loved Jeeps since I was in High School. I bought this one with the intentions of keeping it stock. I knew I could have fun with it in stock form. That fun was short lived. I got bit by the mod bug like I normally do with my vehicles. I started with the mighty budget boost. Then a complete OME 2.5 with JKS products scattered everywhere and 33" MT/Rs. I wheeled it a couple times and knew I wanted to go bigger!

I became friends with Dirk at DPGOFFROAD. I wheeled with him and his crew a couple times and got sick of sitting on the side lines. I had the infamous Dana 35 rear and knew I had to get rid of it. I started looking for swap options and decided on the Ford 8.8. I knew that was my opportunity to go. Dirks eyes lit up like a little kid when I told him I wanted to stretch. This current setup is what I ended up with.



This is what I'm running on my 99 Stretched Wrangler.

The mighty 4 cylinder!

AX5 tranny to NP231 with AA's HD SYE

DPGs powerdrive custom length drive shaft with 1350 ujoint at the pinion.

Ford 8.8 rear axle with Blue Torch Fabs diff cover.

4.88s, spooled, disc brakes, and a custom traction bar to control axle wrap.

HP Dana 30 front axle from a 98 cherokee.

4.88s, lock right, JKS mini skids, and brand new everything.

Both axles turn Hutchinsons new Rock Monster DOT Bead locks in 15x8

The Hutchinsons turn Interco's brand new Trxus MT's in 37x12.50x15.


The front rides on Rubicon Express Long Arms with RE 3.5 springs and Bilstein 5100 shocks

The rear is complete custom. I stretched the wheelbase out to 103" moving the rear axle back 10"

I used cherokee leaf springs with an extra main leaf.

I flopped the short side to the rear to improve the depature angle and used Bilstein 5150 shocks.



The front fenders have been flat fendered to clear the 37s without much lift.

The rear has been Competition Cut using Poison Spyder customs Comp Corners.

I run the matching PSC rocker knockers with tube for tub protection. The cage is a PSC trail cage.

I have PRP Competition hi back seats and absolutely love them. They really hold me in place when I wheel.

The gas tank was moved into the tub and I built a custom fire box around it. I left enough room to add some storage. I can add my 120 piece socket set and tow straps and get to lock it all up via the rear tail gate!

My headlights are IPF E Codes with IPF Magic Bulbs.

I run 2 sets of IPF 968s. 2 on the bumper and 2 on the windshield on some custom brackets I made.

I have an Exide Oribtal Deep Cycle Marine battery to keep everything running.


Engine Mods:


While I was happy with the light weight of the 4 cylinder when I was on 33s it just isn't cutting it anymore. Before I knew I wanted to swap it I had done some stuff to help out.

I installed a Ford Tuarus Electric fan to keep stuff cool and get the mechanical fan off the crank.

I had the 4.0L torque tube with a 60MM throttle body. I bored the intake manifold to accept the 60MM TB.